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Hello Readers,

This blog was composed by a 60 yr old Nevada retiree who loves to write and blog as well as give valuable advice to teenagers and young adults.  I grew up in the 1970s and early 80s and indeed, these were great times for having fun.

As a teenager, I never really got into trouble nor do I regret doing things I shouldn’t have.  However, I was not totally happy with myself and wished there could have been a lot more entertainment in my life, because these decades were quite primitive as compared to today.  There wasn’t too much to do back in the old days so we had to use our imaginations and create our own fun.

But like most every other teen, my self-esteem suffered.  It seemed like I couldn’t do the things others did and I was lonesome a lot, and even depressed.  However, I tried in every way I could think of to make my lifestyle like that of my peers.  I was what you would call a party hound in a cage. 

Furthermore, I was very self-critical and selfish as I tried to obtain the things I wanted and it was like, everything had to accomplished now or I would be doomed.  I was restless and even boisterous as well as quick tempered.  It was like as if I pushed myself through crowds of people to get what I wanted and didn’t care who got trampled.  (That’s just a figure of speech). 

Many times, I wish I could go back to my teenage days and tell myself to cool down and not act like a clown or pretend I was grandiose.  That kind of behavior got me nowhere.  If I would have been more calm and patient, I would have won the respect of many other people.

Because I cannot change the past, I decided to publish my own personal blog “The Gen Z Reader” for Generation Z people.  These are people from 10 to 25 years old.  I like to share with my audience all that I went through and help them make their present less painful.

I strive to publish at least one blog a week and I have numerous ideas on what to write on.  For years I envisioned myself as a writer but until now, never took action to make my dreams come true. 

So, if you enjoy reading my blogs, I encourage you to leave a comment.  If there is a particular topic I haven’t covered as of yet, I would appreciate your suggestions.  I want to help as many Generation Z people live happier and less painful lives. 

Thank you and happy reading.

Jerome Niemi



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